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Travel to Bali For your vacation, gap year or even fancy your place on the villa market here in Bali we can help with all

Compass has entwined itself with Bali for 8 years now and will be happy to help you with any questions or issues which may arise

We offer visa guarantee
We will take care about all process:
visa, tickets, transfer, villa, quarantine hotel and so on. We will take care of all updates and let you know about any changes. You don’t need to search for any information by yourself
You shouldn't care about anything. We can organise everything for you, we pride ourselves on being the only travel agent on earth who really takes care of you every step of the way. Just read our feedback from our customers! It speaks for itself
All prices are fixed and clear. You will know about all costs upfront and if there's anything unclear we will offer the best possible solutions as fast as we can at the time. So there's no unpleasant surprises
We will help you with everything
Money talks everything else walks
Bali is perfect for you if you work on your laptop

Bali is perfect place to stay if u are

Bali is a perfect place for freelancers and online business holders, present is many coworking places with great WiFi, potential investors meetings, crypto and mastermind meetings everywhere
Bali is a perfect place for business and investment
Bali is in the Top 5 most investment-attractive places in the world. That's why a lot of business people move to Bali. Real estate, passive income, strong business community
A perfect place for 3 weeks vacation
High Season in Bali 365 days a year. Ocean, mountain, Volcanos, lakes, national parks and rich underwater world plus thousands of incredible islands around. We will create a Tailored tour for you according to your interests and organise every day of your stay in Bali for you To see all the most impressive places in Indonesia
Bali is perfect place for family with kids
Bali is great for families with kids. There are a lot of western families who emigrated here.
schools here are outstanding, a lot of cafés have child play zones, reliable nannies, safe oceans, healthy fresh food, sport, and traveling

But most of all Fall in love with your life again

Bali is the place you feel is home from the first second you land
Bali is perfect place for you if your tired from 9-5 city rules, covid changes, tired to live the rat race. Find your shelter in Bali. Escape the city. Choose yourself. Surf, do yoga, eat healthy, enjoy each moment of your life, smile wider, recreate yourself

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Compass prides itself on door to door service

That means the trip from your house to the airport. Managing your documents, your flights and all possible outcomes which can arise on your journey, and back home again
if you want to buy any tour around bali, book a yacht, maybe a helicopter ride around the island, volcano guide, boat tickets, stay in 5 * hotels and dine in some of the very best restaurants in the world, we can provide you a service

All part of the process


In order to come to Bali, depending on your home country you need to have a visa. This visa lets you be in Bali from 1-2 months ( a visa on arrival )
Also 6 months visa which is possible to extend.
Renewable visa is possible without leaving
So! After you get your visa you can already buy tickets


We will help you to analyse the tickets market and find the very best bespoke itinerary (which day will be the cheapest flight, which airline to choose etc ) we will check you in to your flight
Managing Corona while traveling


Compass knows all too well now this very complex task of what's required for Corona travel. We handle your forms and documents with you managing the individual regulations for each country you transit through. Follow you step by step, always there on the end of the phone to offer the ease and peace so sit back and relax and enjoy a gin and tonic and watch the clouds float by on your journey
Hotels. Quarantine


After tickets we need to book quarantine hotel. This includes:
  • special quarantine transfer
  • airport pickup
  • pcr test
  • get qr code
  • buy covid insurance
  • get health card
Renewable visa is possible without leaving

What to expect when I've arrived

When you finally arrive now, depending on your vaccination level, and which country you're from You can either claim a VOA ( visa on arrival) and not have any quarantine, or stay in a special quarantine hotel.
During this period you need to take 2 pcr tests in Bali. For this We will help to find and book all
(Remember quarantine time depends on the type and quantity of your vaccination and country.
But don't worry all of this is included in your free consultation)
Freedom at last
After quarantine. You can go to your villa and begin your new life and tour adventure.
you may wish to rent a beautiful new paradise villa or perhaps buy or build your own. It's all possible here in the Land of the Gods just let us know about what's hot and Available now
We will help you with all of these questions finding the very best answer to take the pain away

We analyse daily available villas to show the very best of them

We can find a villa for you (long or short stay). We have a large portfolio across the whole island (most of them not to be found online)
Compass gets the best prices as we have built up a reputation over the years with owners and management. This helps us to make legal contracts for your villa and lock in your perfect stay
We can check your villa and take a video for you while you're choosing in order you will be sure that villa is a true representation of the photo's

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Нажимая на кнопку я соглашаюсь с политикой конфиденциальности

Write a phone number to contact you

And get advice on all issues

Нажимая на кнопку я соглашаюсь с политикой конфиденциальности